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Make your presence to the Internet at no cost.  We offer you with excellent free hosting services with reasonable resources so you can easily run your personal website.  We do not force you to put ads on your pages, which makes us a trusted and solid hosting provider!

Our free hosting plan includes an easy-to-use DirectAdmin Control Panel with with a great web-based file manager.  DirectAdmin is a feature-rich control panel which combines ease of use with speed and stability for your everyday needs.  Due to the nature of design, DirectAdmin uses the least amount of resources out of our commercial control panel lineup.  With a simple GUI interface and the ability to customize your applications you will have all the domain and email functionality you require. 

You will get:

    * 80 MB Disk Space
    * 8000 MB Monthly Bandwith
    * NO Ads
    * yourname.  WebProgrammingTalk.  com
    * Unlimited Domains
    * Unlimited Sub Domains
    * 1 E-mail Address
    * POP3 Server
    * Catch-all E-mail
    * 1 FTP Account
    * DirectAdmin Control Panel

To eligible for this offer you must:
  • Start new topic and post 20 good quality and unique articles in forums. 
  • Your content in web hosting must be in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, any other language is not allowed.  We may close your account immediately if you violate this rule.

After you make at least 20 articles just PM me and mention your username in our forums.  I will setup your account manually.

We DO NOT allow Spamming & Advertising, Flaming & Fighting, Illegal Discussion in our forums.  Breaking the rules may result in ban and/or account termination. 

Feel free to reply here if you have any questions. 
I want to open such a space
I want it! thx.


Well guys, please post around 20 articles and I'll setup it for you.


Offer has been closed. Thanks to anyone who participate.